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Find your favorite TV channels M3U and M3u8 Playlist for IPTV using the search box bellow, Finding an IPTV m3u playlist as easy as googling now, this M3U IPTV Playlist tools is update every time every second. Just copy and paste URL from the result to your Player such as VLC, Perfect Player, Kodi, or Livestream TV - M3U Stream Player IPTV (Recommended).

Many ways to play IPTV on a desktop PC or laptop, from using simple software or applications to the most complicated also there. As I will share this time on how to play IPTV on PC using a simple application but the result remains extended discuss, ie how to play IPTV in PC using VLC Media Player.

How to play IPTV on PC using VLC Player
As we know if VLC Media Player is an application to play and process various Media players. Such as videos of various formats, Audio, photos, and one of them can also play the URL link m3u and m3u8 format commonly used to convert links from IPTV that you can find on this M3U IPTV Playlist Finder tools. Surely you are impatiently want to know how to play IPTV using VLC Media Player. Well, without any further a due we go straight to the tutorial.

Here are the steps how to play IPTV on PC using VLC Player

Previously make sure you have installed VLC Media Player on your computer. For those who have not installed it can be downloaded via the link below:

Once finished in the download then install and wait until finished and open.

Step 1
Open the VLC application that you have downloaded then click View on Media and then select Open Network Stream and click.

Because of this IPTV based on Internet network, make sure before running VLC to play IPTV your internet is fairly toned, at least 7 Mbps enough to play the format 720.

Step 2
There will be a new menu where you enter the URL, so here you simply enter the IPTV URL that you can find here m3udaily.site or the playlist that you find using this M3U IPTV Playlist Finder tools.

For example, I give you free movies that included HBO, fox and many more M3U Playlist URL that you can take through the link below:

Free M3U IPTV Link

Once the URL is entered you just click the Play button and wait a minute then the IPTV channel from the URL you input will be broadcast immediately, and your playlist will be shown automatically. Not, to show the playlist click View and then click View playlist, or you can just press the Ctrl + L button on your keyboard.

Well Easy is not it? That's how to play IPTV M3U Playlist on a desktop PC or laptop using VLC Media Player application. Hopefully useful.

NB: Each URL you find, you should test it before adding it to your playlist because some IPTV URL links are changed frequently! You can test the video stream URL with Configurator Url Tester. When you successfully get a working channel URL, you can keep playing it on Configurator Url Tester or you can create an M3U playlist for VLC Streamer.

M3U IPTV Playlist Finder Tools