How to Stream IPTV M3U Playlist on Android

IPTV is a television channel service that is accessed through the website or can be through a network in the form of a site URL or in the form of IP Address HTTP or RTSP and others. Usually, IPTV channels have an m3u8 or TS extension, and an IPTV collection of channels or playlist itself with m3u extension, with M3U IPTV Playlist, you can watch an unlimited collection of TV channels all over the world by utilizing the available IP Address.

With M3U IPTV Playlist You can also create categories set by the country, channel genre, age, etc. M3U IPTV Playlist You can easily get on our site, namely m3udaily.site, we are committed to providing the best for you, by testing every URL of all M3U IPTV Playlist that we provide.

In addition to VLC for PC or IPTV for Android, there are many applications for Streaming TV service providers, but from the many applications that are on the Play Store, on average they installed a lot of ads and the application is quite heavy for smartphone users Low end, we've done some research and finally chose one of the best applications to play M3U IPTV Playlist. Namely, Livestream TV – M3U Stream Player IPTV, here is a tutorial on how to stream IPTV M3U Playlist on Android with Livestream TV-M3u Stream Player IPTV.

Step 1
Select M3U IPTV Playlist in www.m3udaily.site that you want to play in the Livestream TV M3U - Stream Player IPTV application.

Step 2
Then click M3U Daily IPTV Playlist as drawn.

Step 3
Copy the link address that opens.

Step 4
Open Livestream TV - M3U Stream Player IPTV.

Step 5
Then if the application is already installed, you open the application and for the first time open the  Livestream TV – M3u Stream Player IPTV app, you will see the view as below, tap on the Stream playlist button.

Step 6
Then in the Available text column, you enter the URL of M3U IPTV Playlist you have copied and then tap OK.

Step 7
Wait for the data retrieval process, if successful you will see the view as below.

Note: The advantage of using Livestream TV-M3U Stream Player than any other TV streaming app on the Play Store is, you can instantly find out if a channel isn't working, and it's a very lightweight app for you smartphone users Low end, you can add TV channels all over the world by looking for the network URL of the overseas channel.
So that's how to stream M3U IPTV Playlist tutorial on Android, hopefully useful.